Ryan Firchau

Ryan's work has helped us push our film further and faster than it ever could have done without. His attention to detail and research into animal hybrids and biology has enabled us to enjoy a level of scientifically realistic concepts that we couldn't have been achieved otherwise.

Working closely with Paul Goodenough for the last year, Ryan has breathed life into his concepts, creating many of the wonderful visuals you see throughout the site.

Not only has Ryan provided sketched concept art, but he has also created 3d rigged models, z brush artwork and fully modelled maquettes. We're exceptionally proud of his work and look forward to each new item he creates.

With over a decades worth of experience in the video games industry Ryan has worked in almost every area of art production in a games development cycle. His primary focus has always been creating characters and creatures, with games released on Nintendo platforms as well as playing vital roles in the launch of titles for both the Xbox 360 and most recently for Kinect.

He has also worked as an illustrator, creating images for book covers and Albums.