Lydia - Canine Chimeran

By Ryan Firchau /

One of the key characters from The Chimeran is Lydia, who is both representative of the role of animals in our society, and that of Lydia, a black american slave who was shot while trying to escape her captors (Lydia's case against the Supreme Court).

Without too many spoilers, Lydia's story (our Lydia) does have some likenesses to that of the slave Lydia. She also is subjected to abuse and cruelty, which when brought to the attention of the law, is overturned for the greater good.

Lydia's story is synonymous with the greater story at play within The Chimeran, that of the greater good - which I've always considered to be an oxymoron of sorts. How can a wrong, no matter the size equal a greater good? For me, the devil isn't in the detail, it's in the bigger picture.

As with the Supreme Courts ruling that it was legal to shoot slaves, our Chimeran captors know that if Chimerans have too much freedom, the economy would collapse - I'm sure I don't need to highlight to anyone what's being said in that scene. It's hardly Animal Farm, but some things need saying.

Anyway, for the last couple of months, Ryan and myself have been working hard to give Lydia the look that shows her as both she is, and as she wants to be. Lydia is a character beset by hatred for herself. She longs to be human, but can never be, so hate and self harm are her only friends.

Ryan has done an amazing job of capturing the look I wanted to see. It's both "cool" and yet shows her desperation to be something she never can. They'll be more shots to follow very shortly. But for now, enjoy!