The Chimeran: What is it about

When wannabe god Professor Beachell De Vries creates an intelligent and powerful Chimeran worker race to save his son’s life and the economy; their camp becomes a battleground for the very future of the human race.

Oliver is a ten year old boy dying of a degenerative brain disease. His best friend is his dog, Bobby; an elderly golden retriever with a similarly negative life expectancy.

The only way Beach can save his son's life is to break the ultimate taboo - growing hybrid brain tissue; an illegal and immoral act that would forever change the world.

With oil powered mass production machinery lying unused and derelict, the Government look to Beach's technology to grow their own work force. Getting "back to nature" with a pollution free economy powered by 'working animals' - The Chimerans.

Based loosely on the subjugation of slaves in the US in 1800's, The Chimeran highlights a worrying path of genetic manipulation happening right now and points out that it's a path that's been trodden before.